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Coweta County
Peachtree City Golf Paths

Golf Cart Paths

One of the Peachtree City's most distinctive features is its network of golf cart paths. Winding through wooded greenbelts and curving around scenic lakes, the paths connect the city while allowing residents to connect with one another. The 90+ miles of paths link neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, shops, and recreation areas. They also give residents a place to enjoy nature, whether walking, rollerblading, biking, jogging, or just riding in their golf carts. Because it has been built according to a development master plan, Peachtree City's businesses and residents exist in harmony. Varied recreation venues and top-rated schools round out an unmatched living experience. Click Here to learn about Golf Cart Path Rules & Regulations.

Golf Cart Registration Forms:

Residential or Business Golf Cart Registration Forms

Change of Address (required if you move from the address on your registration form)

Ownership Release (required if selling cart to remove your name from legal responsibility for the cart, or if cart or decal is destroyed)

Ownership Transfer (required for purchasers of already registered carts - there is a $5 transfer fee)

Bring forms and any associated payment to City Hall, 151 Willowbend Road. Out-of-city cart owners are assessed an annual $60 path use fee in addition to the decal cost.

What is coming? Check out the latest information on Peachtree City’s Multi-Use Path Master Plan and the upcoming paving schedule.